Find your Inner Gold

In this free, 3-part Zoom course you will learn:

To Become Un-mess-with-able

Learn specific, self-mastery tools to modulate your state so even if people and situations throw you temporarily off balance, you’ll rebalance quickly and return to a state of strength and confidence.

To Become Unstoppable

Get back in touch with your inner value and truth so you can stand for yourself no matter what life and other people throw at you.

Shine Again

Many of us have been scuffed, muddied and even dented by the stresses of living. None of this matters when our inner light is strong. The Find Your Inner Gold course will reconnect you with that light and get you shining in the fullness of your strength and worthiness once again.


Three 1 hour Zoom calls where you will learn cutting edge tools such as breathing protocols, kinesiology strategies, specific meditations and visualizations and other techniques drawn from psychology, neuroscience and energy based practices to reconnect you with your inner truth and power. 

DATES: Tuesday, Sept. 8th, 15th & 22nd at 12:30 pm EST.

My mission in this 3-part Zoom class is to help you realize that

  • YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for.
  • YOU are the one that can change anything and everything in your life.
  • With the right tools, there’s nothing stopping you from creating the life that will make your heart sing.
  • About Karen Hood-Caddy

    Karen Hood-Caddy has been coaching people to become their most powerful and authentic selves for over 30 years. Although she studied psychology at York University, her commitment to self-empowerment and somatic solutions led her to becoming proficient in energy medicine, tapping procedures, Inner Relationship counselling and breathing protocols. 



    heart hug

    Gwen Jones: Family Support Worker

    Karen Hood Caddy's Course was filled with brilliant wisdom, practical exercises, and lifestyle tips to help you shine your brightest and be who you really are. The course helped me feel prepared, grounded and present to show up as my personal best self.

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    Shaina Lehan: Student Art Therapist

    Taking Karen's course was a profound and transformative experience. It helped me be more resilient, relaxed, and focused. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do the deep, inner work so necessary for a happy and rewarding life.

    heart hug

    Jan Gardiner: Retired Teacher

    I felt lifted up and put on a non-stop flight that carried me higher and higher. When it was over I felt a lot lighter.