I’ve been feeling so discouraged in the last few months. I am a nature person so it hurts my heart what is happening to the wildlife on our planet. The wars, the political situation in the US just adds to my despair.

But can I really blame all that stuff for how I feel? Doesn’t that go against everything I teach and believe?

Yes, it does.

The truth is, there’s always a bunch of awfuls going on. I can’t change that. But I CAN help myself and others to be amazing, resourceful, inspiring, loving people anyway.

I know that if someone wants to change their lives a little, little changes are necessary, but if they want to change it a LOT, they need to do a BIG thing. So I did a big thing. I signed up for a 6-month personal growth program. And the first question was: what do you want to create?


When I get right down to the blood and guts of this question, the answer is nothing short of transformation:

*to be continually aware of the miraculousness of life.

*to be FAR more loving of myself & others.

*to get very comfortable with the uncomfortable.

*to believe in my own magnificence.

*to take daily actions to help others be their best selves and feel soul satisfaction.

To keep myself accountable, I’m going to write about this ‘expedition’ in this newsletter (I started doing this on Facebook but had technical challenges) I’ll be sharing the tools I’m testing out and how they work (or don’t) and giving you a blow-by-blow ringside seat.

Do you resonate with any of this? If so, zip me an email. Karen@personalbest.org The support means a lot.

Your devoted coach