Get Clarity
Get SO clear about what you truly want, it will feel like a living, breathing thing with shiny eyes, reaching out its hand to you.
Clear away the garbage
Be guided through processes for uninstalling what’s holding you back & getting in your way.
Create your ideal future
Acquire customized cutting-edge tools to make your soul-satisfying wants become reality.

“I have been working with Karen for 4 years, not because we’re still working through the same things, but because she has become an invaluable resource in all areas of my life. Karen is effortlessly skilled at meeting me exactly where I am, no matter what I’m experiencing at the time. Whether I’m struggling in a personal relationship, embarking on a new career challenge or experiencing anxiety, Karen is able to help me re-frame, re-align and equip myself with options, solutions and opportunities moving forward. I’ve already recommended Karen to several friends, family members and colleagues so wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to live a more authentic, enriched and purposeful life.”

Colleen Berg, Branding Consultant.

I’ve been working with Karen a month and so much has changed for the better. She has helped me cut through my work / life ‘soup’, reframe how I see myself and change the way I feel about my job and my life. That took her about a week!

She’s available at short notice for timely interventions, as well as the bigger planning conversations. She’ll also deal with all aspects of life, work and family – so you can bring your whole self to every conversation.

If your mojo has gone missing – here’s where to look.

Ed Herten, Creative Genius

“Karen has been a true partner and champion on my journey to becoming healthier in mind and body over the last five years. Her intuitive ability to get at what I need at any given time, combined with her deep training in various coaching and healing techniques have had a meaningful impact in helping me to set healthier boundaries, reduce my stress levels, deepen my faith in myself and become a more grounded, mindful and compassionate person.”

Jacqueline Foley, Executive Brand Coach.


You’re plagued with problems, both from circumstances outside of you (lack of money, unfulfilling relationships/job) as well as constantly tripped up by belittling self-talk and demeaning beliefs on the inside. You yearn to move from chaos to creativity but can figure out how.

You know what you want (a new job, easier relationships, a kinder inner mentor) but are scared and unconfident about trying to make what you want a reality. If only self-belief were something you could buy in a store.

You KNOW you have more to offer your loved ones and the world and want to be kinder and less reactive, but you have no idea how to optimize yourself so you can contribute at your highest level.

You crave evolving into the fullness of yourself, speaking your truth, being authentic, risking your thoughts and ideas to everyone who will listen, but something always stops you…

You have habits that truly get in the way of being your best self. You’ve tried to break them, but failed and only feel worse that you can’t make yourself change.


“Karen has been such a critical piece of my support team and helps me manage the ups and downs of both my personal life and business. In our coaching sessions, we connect, share, bounce ideas and have a laugh and she’s been a very important part in me getting to where I am today.”

Pete Bombaci, Founder and Executive Director of The GenWell Project.

“Karen has been a wonderful source of support for me over the past few years. Running my own business, being a mom, having aging parents, the pandemic…it’s been a LOT. Karen has helped me to tune into my own knowing when making tough decisions, to grow my confidence as my business expands, and to honour my feelings and what they tell me about what I need.

Karen is a skilled coach and an absolute gem of a human. I’m happy to sing her praises far and wide!”

Christine Berg, designated Linklater Voice Coach

“My husband found Karen while searching online for a happiness coach. David was coached by her for several years. When he got sick, I began speaking with Karen sometimes as did our teenage sons. When my husband died, Karen helped us navigate our grief for David and guided us through the ever-present changes this death brought. Now, when struggles arise in our family, one of us often says, “talk to Karen”. Both children have learned that talking to a trusted coach can help. Karen is always rooting for her clients and encouraging them to be their best selves. She always looks for the positive and reminds her clients of their progress. Karen has the professional training and skills to guide her clients to improve their lives according to their own compasses. I highly recommend her.”

Diana Evans, parent and spiritual seeker.

It's never too late to be the person you should have been

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“Karen is smart, she has great frameworks, tools and ways to think that help me through even the toughest times. She’s been of huge value to my life, my business and my relationship.”

Shelli Baltman, business owner and one of the most creative women I know.

“Working with Karen as a coach has been my invaluable gift to myself. I’m a much more confident person for having invested in myself in this way.

I’ve worked with Karen for many life situations and have found her compassion, genuine caring and her ability to zone in on the real stumbling block personally empowering.”

Jan Gardiner, retired teacher.

“Karen helped supercharge my self-esteem. She’s awesome! Thank you!”

Gwen Jones, health care worker.